As a Certified Distress Resolution Specialist,  I have spent the last several years helping hundreds of property owners be relieved of the burden caused by "too much mortgage". Whether you are trying to shoulder an option ARM loan, where the debt grows every year and the payment becomes totally unmanageable, or you lost your job, became sick, or just are no longer able to deal with your current payment, I can help you.

We'll sit down in my office and review your situ!ation to come up with the best solution for you.  FORECLOSURE is NOT your only option! And if you do decide to sell your house, my training and ongoing connections to former loss mitigators from many of the large banks give me access to inside negotiation tactics and strategies that have made my short sales 100% successful to date, with a cancellation of the outstanding balance!

No fees to you!  
CALL ME and let's set up time to meet in my office.

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